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Craig M. Lyons Ms.D., D.D., M.Div.


Disclaimer: It is important for the reader to understand that in this website, in comparing first century Judaism and the "pattern of worship" given to the "non-Jew" by God as well as unveiling of the historical truths concerning the non-Jewish "believer" in the first century against the later alterations and changes made to this "pattern of worship" by the emerging Roman Gentile Church of Rome in the 3rd century I will use a "literal-historical" approach to the "Jesus Story". If you have studied and ran across some of our other websites then you know that "the Christ" can be interpreted from 3 different perspectives down through recorded history: "mystical", "mythological", and "literal-historical". Only after one has spent a considerable time in dedicated and scholarly studies in such areas as Biblical Judaism, the Jewish Messiah and true Messianic prophecy as taken from the Hebrew Scriptures and not the later forged texts of Rome, comparative manuscript evidences, the history and origin of the Roman New Testament, the true origin and creation of the New Testament , the Gnostic Paul vs the falsified Roman Paul, the Essenes and their "literal godman", Ancient Wisdom literature, Jewish and Gentile Gnosticism, Egyptian religion and the ancient "Jesus Story" that beings with Ancient Egypt, Comparative religions, Astronomy and Astrotheology can he understand and be certain which two of the above three methods of interpretation of "the Christ" are accurate and factual. Again for purposes of comparing Judaism's truths vs Christianity's alterations of it over the early centuries and the implications that this holds for the "non-Jew" and "Godfearer" today then we adopt in this website and for all studies in this website a supposed "literal-historical" interpretation of "the Christ" as well as the Jesus of the New Testament. Only in so doing can we adequately contrast the truths of Judaism vs Christian theology and by so doing follow the lineage of these "Divine Truths" back down the corridors of history to the earliest Divine revelations given to mankind by the Creator which were intended for both "Gentiles" and "Jews" as well. You will, in time, come to see that there is a "Pattern" to the worship of God given all mankind in the beginning of recorded history of the race and this "pattern" can be traced throughout recorded history and will culminate with Biblical Judaism and will subsequently be destroyed in the 3rd century by the emerging antisemitic Roman Church. I will let you be the judge of the results of such studies and leave to the reader to draw the necessary conclusions as we attempt to compare Jewish and Christian theological perspectives all the while dealing with the "New Testament Jesus" in a "literal-historical" manner in order for such an accurate comparison to be done effectively. Craig Lyons M.Div.

The Noahide Commandments are the Commandments given by the Torah to the Gentiles (first given to Adam and later given to Noah), which according to rabbinic tradition and the First Church Council in Acts 15:17-19 and Acts 15:28-29 (which was headed up by James, the Lord's brother and head of the Jerusalem church) were given by God to Gentiles like Adam and Noah, that if obeyed, will be rewarded with eternal life! According to rabbinic teaching & Acts 15 (which Yeshua believed and would have agreed with himself), those Gentiles who observe these precepts are assured their share in the World to Come, regardless of what fanciful interpretations were later to be invented by both the Catholic & Protestant churches and most probably heard in your modern churches. Jesus was and is a Jew. He never ascribed to Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Assembly of God, Church of Christ, or Mormon church doctrine. He believed and taught the truth as received from his Father in Heaven.

The Christian must come to an understanding that the religion of Jesus (Judaism) has always recognized two different religious codes:

  1. the 613 Laws and precepts given to the Jews following their liberation from Egypt, and
  2. the earlier Noahide system of legislation for all mankind.


The eighteenth century Talmudist Rabbi Jacob Emden wrote a letter that has been discovered which states:

"Jesus never intended to abolish Judaism, but only to establish a new religion for the Gentiles based upon the ancient Noahide Commandments transmitted by Moses on Mount Sinai."

Let me say that Emden more correctly should have said "RE-ESTABLISH" for the Gentiles the religious foundations that had previously been given by God to the Gentiles since the Garden of Eden and Sinai. Emden stressed in his letter that Jesus brought about a "double blessing" to the world, by strengthening the Torah of Moses and at the same time removing idolatry from the midst of the Gentiles. Unfortunately, Emden's thesis in the letter never gained a substantial following by fellow Jews. The most obvious reason would seem to be the frequent harsh statements made by Jesus against the rabbis and Jews of his time (Matt. 23). This chapter in Matt. 23 has seldom been correctly interpreted by the Christian Church because the church, for the most part, lacks the facts & information concerning the historical, religious, and political background surrounding Yeshua's statements which are necessary to correctly understand such a chastisement of a particular "sect" within the Pharisees, and not the Pharisees as a whole! Jesus was not condemning the Pharisee movement, for he was proud to be one, especially a Pharisee belonging to the School of Hillel. Jesus was not replacing Judaism with Christianity!

Emden helps us understand the original intentions of Jesus and Paul as he analyzes the beginnings of Christianity. According to the Jewish rabbi, Jesus and his Apostles, which were later sent by Jesus to the Gentiles acted entirely within the Halakhah (correct and accepted Jewish law) in re-creating and re-establishing the religion God had previously given to the Gentiles which was based on the Noahide Commandments (the basic seven Noahide Laws consist of prohibitions against idolatry, blasphemy, killing, stealing, sexual sins, eating the limb of a living animal (cruelty to animals), and the imperative to establish courts of justice). According to the Jewish Talmud and Tosefta, those Gentiles who observe these statutes are considered to be of the Hasidim (pious ones) of the Nations and merit a share in the World to Come. Even within the Alenu prayer which is prayed by Jews and "God-Fearers" every Sabbath, it states "May all inhabitants of the earth recognize and know....". This means the Gentiles. This prayer for Gentiles is another proof that the will of God is for Gentiles not to perish but have everlasting life. In the Mishnah (the Oral Law), in Pirke Avot 4.1 it states: "Every assembly that is for the sake of Heaven will in the end be established." Christian assemblies are for the sake of Heaven, yet I must sadly inform you that they have accepted "IN PART" the Noahide Commandments, but not totally! God had given them all to the Gentiles!


Jesus and Paul were acquainted with the Essene authors and their Scrolls. Many passages in the New Testament bear striking similarity to the Scrolls (see my previous newsletter about Jesus and the Secret of the Dead Sea Scrolls). A comprehensive overview of the writings and materials available to us today reveal the Essenes to have been extremely pious Jews who scrupulously followed the Torah (the instruction and teaching of God, more commonly called the "Law"), whereas Jesus and Paul are by many portrayed incorrectly as having forsaken their Jewish origins and replaced the Torah with a new religion-Christianity. This never happened; at least not by Jesus! At lease this is the general picture one is presented with; and one will not be able to see through it without diligent study. But this premise goes against Emden's letter. A Christian should know that the Talmud records for us that Moses commanded the Jews to spread the knowledge of the Noahide commandments to all mankind!! Did you hear that? God commanded Moses to spread the knowledge of the Covenant with Noah and its requirements to all Gentiles in the world. Judaism acknowledges this "Gentile Covenant for Salvation" as from God since the time of Mount at Sinai. The questions we have to ask ourselves is this:

As Christians, we must constantly search for the correct interpretations of such an event if we are to correctly understand the Bible and it's message to the Gentile and his salvation.


A passage in the Jerusalem Talmud records for us:

"Menahem the Essene and 160 Essene disciples left the Jewish community" (remember not all Essenes lived in & around the Dead Sea) "about 20 B.C. on a mission to the Gentiles to take the "world" the Noahide Covenant, thus assuring obedient and observant Gentiles a place in the World to Come."

This Menahem served as a vice-president of the Sanhedrin under the sage Hillel who was the Nassi (President of the Sanhedrin) some thirty years before Yeshua's birth. The Mishnah makes quite clear that Menahem subjected himself totally to Hillel's authority (who loved the Gentiles), thus establishing a link between the Essenes and Hillel (who was a conservative Pharisee). Also of importance is the link between the two camps (Essenes & Pharisees) in that they were both known as "Hasidim." Menahem the Essene left Hillel's Sanhedrin for his mission to the world and was then replaced by the sage Shammai (who did not like the Gentiles). Shammai succeeded him as vice-president, probably about 20 B.C., and the influences of Hillel began to be replaced with those of Shammai.



The first disputes regarding the Oral law (that was passed down for some 1700 years from Moses at Sinai) took place at this time between the sages and students of Hillel and Shammai (beginning about 20 years prior to Yeshua's birth). Their respective schools (Bet Hillel and Bet Shammai) were to clash over 350 times on issues of the Oral Law during the next hundred years. Nor were these always minor disputes for even once the Zealots connected with Shammai massacred and killed many of the Pharisees. The issues between Bet Hillel and Bet Shammai went to the very core of what Judaism stood for (and what Jesus stood for). One of the major areas of contention was Judaism's attitude toward salvation of the Gentiles.

Answer for yourself: What side would Jesus agree with?

The Schools of Shammai and Hillel both accepted all of the commandments contained in the five "written" books of the Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy). But the written law of Moses is too brief to be applied to practical issues of everyday life, and it was accepted that God also gave an oral and more detailed tradition was originally given to Adam, then to Noah, and finally handed down to Moses at Sinai. The debates of Bet Hillel and Bet Shammai centered on this oral tradition.

This oral tradition was passed down by Moses and it was forbidden to be set to writing. It was this Oral Law that later caused controversy among the rabbis; especially Bet Shammai and Bet Hillel. Finally, out of fear it would be forgotten due to all the persecution of Judaism and the deaths of its leaders at the hands of Gentiles, the sages permitted it to be committed to writing. The first major works were the Mishnah (200 A.D.) and the Tosefta (4th century), followed by two Talmuds; the Babylonian Talmud and the Jerusalem Talmud (5th century). The Babylonian version is more popular than the Jerusalem Talmud. Also at this time, books of homilies known as Midrash began to appear. The two major commentaries to the Babylonian Talmud are those of Rashi and the Tosefta. Why did I mention these works? The Mishnah, Talmud and Tosefta are the works of primary interest and authority when researching the Jewish law and tradition that surrounded Jesus and his teachings in the first century.


The School of Shammai came upon the Jewish scene 20 years before Yeshua's birth, and flourished for around 100 years. After the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D., the seat of the Sanhedrin was relocated to Yavneh, where the Halachah (accepted interpretation of Jewish Law) of the School of Bet Hillel became once again the established Halachah (accepted interpretation for all issues of Jewish law). Also at this time it is recorded by the Rabbis that God, in a "bat kohl" spoke from Heaven and a Heavenly Voice was heard declaring the Law was to be from that time forward decided in favor of the interpretations of the School of Bet Hillel. Since that time all Jewry has accepted the teachings of Bet Hillel.


Now listen closely. Jesus' debates with the Pharisees recorded in the New Testament were actually disputes with the Pharisees representing the School of Shammai and NOT the School of Hillel. Jesus adopts the views of Hillel on "all" matters of halachah (interpretation) except on the matter of divorce, where he sides with the School of Shammai (strict interpretation). At the time of Jesus the interpretations and teachings Bet Shammai were influencing Jewish life and institutions more than Hillel's, and it was this way for almost 100 years. Through Shammai's teachings Israel was "loosing her way." Hillel had died when Jesus was 13-14 years old, and Hillel's influence in Israel was rapidly being replaced with the contemporary teachings of Shammai. Jesus (who accepted and agreed with Hillel) and Shammai (and Shammai's many students) were to clash continually! The Shammai Pharisees (and not the Hillel Pharisees) were responsible for handing over Jesus to the Chief Priest, and Sadducees and Romans for crucifixion, and this was a violation of Jewish Law. Couple this with the relationship the Shammaites had with the Sadducean Zealots in the priesthood, little wonder that the Chief Priests (Sadducees) capture Jesus and hand him over to the Romans to be crucified. Notice that the Hillel Pharisees (whom the majority of the people supported and followed) had nothing to do with Yeshua's crucifixion (it was they who warned Jesus to flee for his life in Luke 13:31). When you read Matt. 23 you cannot help but see Jesus chastising the Pharisees; but what we fail to notice is that there were many sects within Phariseeism and Jesus says "Pharisees who"....indicating that many were not to be included in his rebuke of the insincere Pharisees. Jesus took odds with the Shammaite Pharisees, not the Hillel Pharisees!

The Christian Church's failure to understand this has led them to erroneously believe that Jesus was rejecting his own religion rather than calling for repentance within it!


The Jewish people knew from ancient prophecy that their Temple in Jerusalem would be destroyed by the Gentiles (Dan. 9). Bet Hillel believed that reaching out to the Gentiles (since historically Israel had failed to be "a light unto the Gentiles" and had thereby violated the Second Tablet of the Law which carries the more severe punishment for its violation) was the correct approach to possibly avoiding the coming destruction. Hillel and his students maintained that righteous Gentiles merit salvation just as Jews do (Hillel, like Jesus, accepted the teachings connected with the Laws of Noah), and it was their hope that a mission to the Gentiles could avert the destruction of their land and win God's approval, thus influencing God to repent of the destruction prophesied. Bet Shammai however looked down upon the Gentile world, holding that NOT even the most righteous Gentile could merit a share in the World to Come. Shammai believed the Gentiles deserved "hell" and no attempts should be made to alter their destiny. The Jewish people and their teachers have since declared Bet Shammai's views to be null and void, as did the Heavenly Voice toward the close of the first century (just the way God spoke at Yeshua's immersion). Shammai and the Bet Shammai were indeed the Pharisees and priests that Jesus of Nazareth and Paul of Tarsus had to contend with within the pages of our Bibles, and not the Hillel Pharisees. Paul the Apostle's insistence that Gentiles be admitted into the early Messianic Jewish Church was based on Bet Hillel's position that righteous Gentiles merit salvation. Let us not forget that it is recorded that Paul had studied under Rabban Gamaliel the Elder, a grandson of Hillel where he received such instruction! Now you can better understand that the anti-Jewish passages contained in the New Testament were directed against the Shammaites, and not the Judaism which followed Bet Hillel, or even today which follows the instruction and interpretations of Hillel.


Jesus and his disciples, especially Paul, warned all men everywhere not to "destroy" the Torah of Israel. A Jew is not permitted to leave his Torah, for Paul wrote in his letter to the Galatians Chapter 5 (remember Galatians was written to Gentiles) "I, Paul, say to you that if you (writing to Gentiles) receive circumcision (along with immersion that makes you a Jew), the Messiah will do you no good at all" [the opportunity to become part of the Israel of God without circumcision will be be available to you since it will be through Yeshua's ministry that the Laws of Noah, which did not require circumcision, were to be taken to the non-Jewish world. I will deal with the meaning of that last phrase in more detail in a future newsletter. But for now, Paul goes on to say "You can take it from me that every man (Gentile) who receives circumcision [conversion] (whether a Jew by birth or a converted Gentile) is under obligation to keep the "entire" Torah" (613) [this is simply because when a non-Jew underwent circumcision he was making "full conversion" whereby he would be obligated for the whole 613 Commandments anyway]. Paul is teaching us that a Gentile (like you and me) who is immersed in repentance and who is circumcised [makes conversion] is obligated to keep the entire Torah!

Answer for yourself: Did you hear that?

Answer for yourself: What about Paul and his teaching that the Law is passed away? It must now be obvious that Paul never intended for that to be your understanding; he never said that! Our problem is that we misinterpret the teachings of Paul not having a proper background necessary to understand correctly what he is saying. Let us begin with what happens when we are "Born-Again".


Before going on we must address a very important question: What happens when I am Born-Again? In answering this we must deal with a very important issue that is often overlooked. When a Gentile turns from idols, repents, and accepts the faith of the One God of the Universe, he identifies with God. As Gentiles we identify with God through the one he sent to reveal Himself ; namely Jesus and his ministry which brought the non-Jews of the world the knowledge of God, Torah, and Israel. Sadly, however, by the time Jesus came knocking on your door he had been completely altered whereby he no longer was a Torah observant Jew, but rather came dressed like Zeus and Constantine. As Christians you were taught that you were buried into the likeness of Yeshua's death, and raised in newness of life through identification with God through the mikvah bath (water immersion). Christians call it baptism. A more correct understanding is that the non-Jewish believer in God (in the act of repentance and faith) literally stands at his own Sinai, is immersed and repents of sin and begins a new life with God as did his Gentile forefathers (the Egyptians are a type and shadow of Ephraim, the other house of Israel) and says, like the Jews of old did, "All that the Lord has spoken we will do" (Ex. 19:8). Notice that the Bible say "all" the people said it at Sinai (this included the mixed-multitude of Gentiles and Jews together)! Included in that group were a mixed multitude of Gentiles along with Jews/Semites that teaches us a very important lesson for our lives. At Sinai both Gentiles and Jews/Semites confessed adherence to the Covenant offered by God. God had previously instructed that they "wash their clothes", which is an idiom for immersion in water of their bodies (this was their Born-Again experience with the God of Israel). This might be startling to you but the concept in the Gospel of John, chapter three, concerning being "Born-Again" is not the invention of Jesus. Being "Born-Again" is a Jewish concept that has existed since the Garden of Eden with Adam. Now hear this, this immersion and repentance from sin is to be repeated throughout one's life. Examples in Scripture that the Children of Israel were "Born-Again" repeatedly (immersed and attained a new-heightened status before they met with God) are before each Sabbath, each Feast and Festival, following repentance of sin, and for a lady, after her menses on a monthly basis before she could return to her husband's bed. Jesus was immersed repeatedly in his life, yet the only one recorded for us is the one immersion the day before he observed the Yom Kippur Festival (Day of Atonement). Being "Born-Again" is not a concept originated by the Gentile church. It is a Jewish concept!

Amazing! As the repentant person entered into the immersion bath (this "watery womb" and "watery tomb") he would then emerge as if "Born-Again" from a watery grave and a watery womb (with a re-newed status before God). He is then considered a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17)! If you were Jewish you would have been instructed correctly concerning the mechanics of Biblical Immersion (being Born-Again) since you were a child, and would not have to be like many Christian Gentiles who have not had the truth concerning such an important doctrine, not to mention is resultant responsibilities of obedience to Torah. It is startling that such a Jewish concept is considered the backbone of the Christian faith and the Christian fails to have the correct understanding regarding immersion and being Born-Again as Jesus understood it. As believers we should have understood it correctly from the beginning, which we have not. A Gentile entered into the watery tomb and watery womb and emerged, no longer considered a Gentile, the old things have passed away (his condition of being a Gentile), behold God made all things new (he now is a part of Israel)! He was now considered a citizen of the Israel of God! Upon emerging from the watery tomb in which he was "Born-Again" he had the status of a Jew. He became Israel! He was considered as if he had always been Israel, for he had no past and it was forbidden to bring up his past for it was as if he had always been Israel.


The Gentile, after turning from idols and repentance (as a sign of his faith in the One God of Israel), and after following immersion in the Mikvah (baptism), was grafted into Israel as Paul would later tell us. The repentant Gentile believer chose God and His Torah. He chose to become "chosen". Since he is Israel, then these commandments given to "Israel" now apply to the Gentile Christian who considers himself a follower of Jesus, his teachings, and His God. Is that your understanding? It was Yeshua's understanding and still is his today. The tragedy of the matter is that the Contemporary Christian Church has not studied to know who they are. They are included in the House of Ephraim; they are Israel. The Commandments of God as seen in the Torah are for them, not just the Jew born in the land!


A "Gentile" is a term signifying a non-Jew, who is NOT a "son of the covenant" and is only subject to the seven Noachide Laws. Once a Gentile came to the understanding of the one true God, he would turn from idols and worship the God of Israel. These were the "God fearers", who accepted certain basic Jewish obligations along with the Noachide precepts. According to this, idolatry, shedding of blood, and grave sexual sins were forbidden to Gentile believers. These were originally the Noachide precepts accepted also by the Synagogue on which the Gentiles were obliged. Let me remind you that we see in Acts 15 (at least 25 years after the death of Jesus) the admonition for the Gentiles to adhere to Noachide Laws to be accepted in the believing community of Israel (it was James as leader of the Jerusalem church who referred back to the Noahide Laws in addressing the question of Gentile salvation). It is logical that the Apostolic Church of Jerusalem should accept the view of the Synagogue on the conditions which Gentiles needed to fulfill in order to be "saved "and accepted in the "family of Israel".It can be easily shown that the fulfillment of other commandments of Judaism were not prohibited to Gentiles. On the contrary, the Noachide precepts were only seen as the minimal condition for Gentiles to be recognized as "God-fearers". These were so understood by the uncircumcised "God-fearers" themselves, who were attracted to the Jewish way of life and accepted many Jewish commandments without becoming full proselytes (Sabbath, festivals, Tallith, etc). This was also the attitude of Gentile Christian "God-fearers", as may be seen from the Epistle to the Galatians; many of them wished to observe as many Jewish precepts as they could. It is evident that, while the leadership of the mother Church in Jerusalem decided to lay no burden upon the Gentile believers beyond the Noachide precepts, it did not object to their voluntarily observing more (Col. 2:16-17). Among the figures of the early Church who instructed Gentile Christians to observe more precepts than these essential "Noahide" ones was Peter, as we know from Paul's criticism of him for demanding that Gentiles live like Jews (Gal. 2:14). Rather than interpreting the apostolic decree of Gentiles adhering to the Laws of Noah as a minimum, Paul saw in the Noachide precepts the maximum obligations of Gentile Christians. Rather than Peter being incorrect, a more comprehensive understanding of the Bible reveals Paul to be incorrect.


The more you study the more you see that all this "Pauline" literature in the New Testament was not written by him but since we grow up with the "tradition" that Paul wrote these epistles and established the doctrines contained within them then for simplicity sake in this website I will "assume" that Paul is the writer. Only later on another website will I show the reader the truth about the Gnostic Paul. So now we look at the Romanized Paul and the antisemitic doctrines attributed to him which were "penned" in his name long after his death by an antisemitic Rome.

Paul remarks in a letter to the Corinthians (1 Cor. 7) that the circumcised (Jews or converted Gentiles) should not remove the marks of circumcision, nor should the uncircumcised (Gentiles become Jews) circumcise themselves. Wait a minute. Paul contradicts himself (like a lot of preachers today). In Galatians 5 he says "if you Gentiles get circumcised" and then he says "don't do it", can't he make up his mind?

Answer for yourself: In Acts 16 Paul circumcised his disciple Timothy. Timothy was not a Jew was he?

Answer for yourself: If he was a Gentile why bother, right?

This contradiction of Paul is very puzzling.

Answer for yourself: Sadly many have incorrectly interpreted Paul as teaching that circumcision was abandoned with the coming of Jesus, but was it? Acts 16 is over 20 years after the time of this Jesus and Paul is still "circumcising".

Answer for yourself: We have failed to understand properly, so what is the clear truth of the matter?

Jesus and his Apostles did not wish to destroy the Torah (Law) from Israel, God forbid; for it is written so in Matthew 5:17, Jesus having said, "Do not suppose that I have come to abolish the Torah. I did not come to abolish, but to fulfill. I tell you this: So long as heaven and earth endure (do they yet exist today?), not a letter, not a stroke, will disappear from the Torah (the Law) until it is achieved. If any man therefore sets aside even the least of the Torah's demands, and teaches others to do the same (the majority of Pastors who preach the contemporary Christian message), he will have the lowest place in the Kingdom of Heaven, whereas anyone who keeps the Torah, and teaches others so, will stand high in the Kingdom of Heaven."

Bet Emet Ministries teaches Gentile and Jewish commitment and observance to the Torah, not because we desire to be "high" in the Kingdom of God, but because we love God and His Word, and would never think of destroying it by misinterpreting it or failing to study to arrive at the correct meaning of these truths for the people of God today.

It is therefore exceedingly clear that Jesus never dreamed of destroying the Torah as have the majority of churches today that carry his name but substitute "another Gospel" for the true Gospel of Christ.


Paul does not contradict himself because of his circumcision of Timothy, for the latter was the son of a Jewish mother, and a Gentile father (Acts 16), and Paul knew that the child of a Jewish mother is considered a "full Jew", even if the father should be a Gentile. Paul thus acted entirely in accordance with the Halakhah (interpretation of Jewish Law) by circumcising Timothy. This would be in line with his position, following the Jerusalem Council of Acts 15 in 50 A.D., that no longer will Gentile believers be required to "become fully converted Jews" to be accepted into Israel; that the Gentile believers could now remain as "God-Fearers" and be accepted fully by the Jews (1 Cor 7, Acts 15). Gentiles no longer had to "convert" to Judaism and become "fully Jewish" for inclusion with equal standing within the Israel of God. The Gentiles as "God-Fearers" were to also be accepted as grafted into Israel (as demonstrated by Cornelius in Acts 10 who was a "God-Fearer" and who had not yet been circumcised). It is important to note that as a "God-Fearer", Cornelius yet observed the Noahide Laws, honored the Sabbath, and ate kosher (proper killing, dressing and preparation of animals intended for food as well as the removal of all blood). The baptism of Cornelius into the Holy Spirit as had been the Jews earlier in Acts 2 during the Festival of Pentecost was the evidence needed to convince the Jerusalem church that the middle-wall of partition was being removed between Jews and "unclean Gentiles". From this we learn that obedience to the Noahide Laws, without circumcision (to remain only as a "God-Fearer" and not fully convert to Judaism), was no longer to be a barrier between the "unclean Gentiles" and the Jews.

For example, table fellowship at the Shabbat (Sabbath observance) and the Festivals could now be shared together! This was understood from Peter's vision in Acts 10 concerning "unclean foods" which the Lord cleansed (symbolic of cleansing of men, and not the animals designated as unclean in Leviticus). Shammai's "Eighteen Measures" (one of which commanded Jews not to eat or enter into the homes of Gentiles-remember Shammai hated Gentiles) was overturned by God with the revelation at Cornelius' home. God corrects Shammai and those that followed his teaching. Peter's vision of the unclean foods represented the "unclean Gentiles" which God had cleansed; the vision was not meant to tell Peter that God had cleansed the "unclean foods". Let us not confuse this issue.


Timothy had to be circumcised since he was Jewish (because his mother was Jewish) and, therefore, was required to observe all the commandments of the Torah (613). Gentiles who observe the Noahide Laws are forbidden to observe "ALL" the Torah like a Jew is required, unless they desire to be circumcised and identify totally with the Jew and his Torah (full-conversion); if so then they are no longer "God-Fearers" but have become full-fledged Jews and undertake all the 613 Commandments. Following Immersion into Israel the Gentile is no longer considered a "Gentile", he is now Jewish (either partly or completely depending upon circumcision). All who become circumcised (converted) following immersion are bound by all the commandments (613). Understanding the immersion process is crucial for the Christian; once you are immersed in faith and repentance, and you identify with Israel, you emerged from that watery womb and tomb as a Born-Again "God-Fearer" who is grafted into Israel. You became "Israel" and are a Spiritual Jew (regardless if you were aware of it or not). You are not considered a "partial-Jew" unless you are uncircumcised. If you are circumcised you are then considered a "Full-Jew"!

Answer for yourself: Did you hear that?

The majority of you set in your churches thinking you are "Christians" and God's Word says you are "Jewish" (children of Abraham) and are the Israel of God. You have not replaced Israel, you became a part of Israel. You are obligated to observe the Torah (that part of the Law that refers to you according to your Covenant stipulations) and, because of your lack of study, you have let your unlearned pastors and teachers tell you repeatedly that you are "under grace" and "not under Law." You are under both! I just showed you that a proper understanding of immersion and the teachings of Jesus & Paul tell you otherwise. Now, let me ask you as a Christian an important question.

Answer for yourself: Who are you going to believe; your pastor or Jesus and Paul?

Answer for yourself: With such an obligation to the "Christian" who now becomes aware that he is either "part-Jewish" or "fully-Jewish" (Judaism is not a race but a religion; the religion of Jesus) what are you to do concerning the Commandments which are addressed to you requiring your obedience to the Shabbat (Sabbath), Pesach (Festival of the Passover), Hag HaMatzah (Festival of Unleavened Bread), HaBikkurim (First Fruits), Shavuot (Festival of Pentecost), Rosh HaShannah (Jewish New Year), Yom Teruah (Festival of Trumpets), Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), and Sukkot (Festival of Tabernacles)?

Surely you should want to begin to observe and keep them according to Scripture. Failure to do so is sin!


Christian scholars have assumed from certain passages in the Gospels that Jesus wished to give a new Torah to take the place of the Torah of Moses. He could not do such a thing unless he sinned.

Answer for yourself: How could Jesus have then said explicitly that he came only to fulfill it?

The truth of the matter is that Jesus never came to abolish Judaism, but only to re-establish the religion for the Jews and the Lost Sheep of Israel (assimilated Gentiles from the captivity of Northern Israel). In the unique situation we find in the first century this referred from that time onward the faith that God had given them from the beginning-Noahidism! Nor was this religion new, but actually ancient; it being the observance of the Seven Commandments of Noah, which were forgotten purposefully by Shammai and his students in their bigotry toward the non-Jews. Such men and ideas were influencing the people of Israel in Yeshua's day; thus Jesus came not for those who are well but those who need a physician and who are sick; sick with hatred for the Gentiles whom God loved and to whom He had called Israel to be a light unto to show them the Torah (the Noahide Laws). God had intended for the Gentiles to be redeemed all along. Jesus came for the "lost sheep of the house of Israel"; who had lost their way and purpose for the truths that they had been entrusted with. These truths were not only for them, but the Gentiles as well. It is important to understand that as there were "people who were lost" in Israel, there were others like the Essene Menahem and the Hillel Pharisees who had not "lost their way" and needed little if any correction by Jesus!


Yeshua's Apostles, in fulfillment of the Great Commission of their master, established these Seven Commandments anew (Acts 15, Acts 21). However, those born as Jews (with Jewish mothers), or those Gentiles where were immersed and circumcised as "full-converts" to Judaism (Ex. 12:49; one law shall be to him that is home-born, and unto the stranger) are obligated to observe all 613 of the commandments of the Torah without exception.

Answer for yourself: Are you a circumcised Gentile Christian who has been immersed in Yeshua's name and "Born-Again" into Israel? Then that means you!

For the uncircumcised Gentile God reserved the Seven Commandments which they have always been obligated to be adhered to and fulfilled by non-Jewish believers. It is for that reason that they were forbidden pollution of idols, fornication, blood, and things strangled (Acts 15). Yeshua's Apostles also forbade them circumcision (to do so would mean full conversion) and the Sabbath observance (exactly like the Jews observed it). The mandatory observance by "God-Fearers" was similar, but not exactly alike the Jewish observance.

This may sound so different from what your traditional Christian message has been, but your Christian message is incorrect if it does not agree or line up with the Apostle's Doctrine. All of what I have shared with you is in accord with the law and custom of the Torah, as expounded by the Jewish sages, the true transmitters from Moses at Sinai, and understood by Jesus of Nazareth in the first century (they sit in Moses' seat...listen to what they say). Our understanding today is incorrect if it violates the truths as Jesus understood them. We do not know more about salvation than Jesus. It was to the Hillel Pharisees Jesus referred to in Matt. 23 who set in Moses' seat and to whom we are to listen for correct doctrine. We are not to follow the examples of any leaders if they do not line up with the Apostle's Doctrine of Acts 2:42. This teaching on immersion and conversion is Apostolic Doctrine as Jesus taught his disciples, and any other interpretation other than his is NOT correct. We are not to follow any Pharisee's examples unless they live what they preach (that means the Pharisee Preachers of today who fail to teach and live the truth of Apostolic Doctrine)! Jesus tells us not to follow them unless they agree with him! Good advice. This same admonition is given in Deut. 17:8 ff., where the authority to teach and lead the people were given to the religious leaders God put over the people of "Israel". These occupy Moses' seat.


Answer for yourself: Do the Baptists, Methodist, Catholics, Assemblies of God, or any other denomination or non-denomination occupy Moses' seat? No. The Catholic and Protestant denominations are far from being Jewish. Salvation is of the Jews according to Jesus.

Answer for yourself: Do you dare tell him he made a mistake?

It was these Sages and Pharisees who said that it is forbidden to circumcise a Gentile who does not accept upon himself the yoke of "ALL" the Commandments. In America male babies are circumcised apart from the truths of God's Word (we are commanded to circumcise on the 8th day and no within the first 2-3 days of a newborn's life) and thus their circumcision would not apply. That means circumcision that does violate Scripture does not automatically make you a "full-fledged" Jew. You are still a "God-Fearer". Identification with Israel is by faith and free will. You must choose to stand at your personal Sinai and say to God "I will do all that you say".

Answer for yourself: Do you want to obey God? Do you want to honor His Name with your life?

Going to churches that teach error does not accomplish anything. It is bondage just like Egypt!

Answer for yourself: Have you ever been to Sinai? Will you ever go? Have you chosen to return to your Egypt of ignorance and false traditions and false religion that amount to idolatry?

The Sages likewise said that the Gentile is commanded NOT to "fully" observe the Sabbath as does the Jew (yet he is to remember and keep it). Acts 20:6 recounts for us the Gentile believers and how they were taught by Paul to remember and keep the Sabbath. It is here we find the Gentile Church keeping Jewish ordinances well over thirty years after Yeshua's death.

Answer for yourself: What would later change this pattern?

As far as the Gentiles ("God-Fearers") were concerned, they were not commanded to observe all the Torah (the 613 mitzvot). The Gentile "God-Fearers" did not have to accept all the 613 mitzvot and are not enjoined to observe all of the 613 commandments. However, it is completely different as far as Jews are concerned, for they became obligated to fulfill the Torah because God delivered them from the bondage of Egypt to be the people of His possession. Therefore they and their children became subject to it forever and so are those Gentiles who make full-conversions to Judaism.


It should be easy to see that Jesus and his Apostles never meant to abolish the Torah of Moses from one who is born a Jew. Likewise, did Paul write in his letter to the Corinthians (1 Cor 7) that each should adhere to the faith in which each was called. They therefore acted in accordance with the Torah by forbidding circumcision to Gentiles, according to Halakhah, as it is forbidden to one who does not accept the yoke of the commandments (all 613). They knew that is would be too difficult for the Gentiles to observe the Torah of Moses. Let us not forget that the Gentiles never had the Revelation of the Torah at Sinai, the Ark of the Covenant, the Tabernacle, the Two Tablets, the prophets, or the Temple & Tabernacle services as were given to Israel. The Gentile's only experience was that they were strangers from the Covenant promises of Israel, aliens for the commonwealth of God's people, without hope and without God in the world.

The rabbis thus took the Gentiles the revelation of God and instructed them not to be circumcised unless they wished to be fully converted to Judaism (this had no bearing upon immersion since it was required for "partial" as well as "full" conversion). It would suffice that the Gentiles observe the Seven Noahide Commandments, as commanded upon them through the Halakhah from Moses at Sinai. This was the minimum requirements for inclusion into Israel.

Rabbi Emden was correct; Jesus brought a double kindness into the world. One the one hand, he strengthened the Torah of Moses majestically. Acts 24:20 states that many thousands of Jews were believers in Jesus as Messiah in the first century and zealous for the Torah (Law); this was over 30 years after Yeshua's death and resurrection. The ministry of Jesus helped return the "children of Israel back to their Fathers; the Patriarchs and their faith" and thus fulfill Malachi's prophecy.

On the other hand, Jesus did much good for the Gentiles (provided they do not turn about his intent as they please, as some foolish ones have done because they did not fully understand the intent of the authors of the Gospels and epistles). Jesus obligated his Apostles to fulfill the Great Commission by taking the Gentiles (as a minimum) the Seven Commandments of Noah so that they should not be as the beasts of the field and continue to live their lives as pagans and animals. He also bestowed upon them ethical ways, and in this respect he was much more stringent with them than the Torah of Moses. In is not necessary to impose upon Jews such extreme ethical practices, since they have been obligated to the yoke of Torah since Sinai. Israel took the oath at Sinai and are already trained in proper practice and nature of the Second Tablet of the Law (ethical monotheism and the horizontal relationships man-to-man). It would be for Paul to constantly correct, reprove, teach Apostolic Doctrine, and instruct the Gentiles in his travels since it was to his audience he would write "you are strangers from the Covenant promises, aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, without hope and without God in the world".

If Christians would study they would understand what I have detailed in this teaching. No longer would the Church erroneously teach to abolish the Torah of Moses and Jesus. Such sin and foolishness would and should cease.

Because of these errant scholars, hatred has increased toward the Jews who are blameless of any guilt concerning Yeshua's death and proceed innocently to observe their Torah with all their heart (intellect), soul (dedication and commitment to action) and might (resources and property). The leaders of the Churches of Jesus should study to learn correctly for themselves before they lead their people into sin and astray from the will of God for their lives. The Jew is the brother of the Christian. Ephraim (the grafted-in Gentile) and Judah make up Israel. As members of the Christian faith, how good and pleasant it might be if you would observe what was commanded to you by your first teachers, sent directly to you by Jesus, with his message, and not the message that Roman anti-Semitism has created these last 2000 years. have heard the truth....maybe for the first time in your life. Let us act according to the truth as Jesus understood it.

Now let us further our studies in looking at Rabbi Hillel and what he had to say concerning the Gentile's salvation.

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