Hebrew For "The House Of Truth"

Craig M. Lyons Ms.D., D.D., M.Div.


We have all heard that "all roads lead to Rome" but in reality all roads lead to Egypt. This is especially true when one studies Christianity and Judaism and finds that these sister-faiths are nothing more than evolutionary developments of the Egyptian Religion. Understand from the beginning that Judaism is a much more faithful picture of this Planet's original understanding of the Divine than Christianity. As a Pastor I am amazed where my studies have taken me and the things I have learned over these last twenty years in my pursuit of Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith. Never did I expect to find what I have uncovered and consider myself fortunate to live in an age where archeology and other such disciplines are giving back to mankind what Rome destroyed, covered up, and took from us over the last two thousand years. The study of error is often a litttle less important than the study of truth. The history of the human mind, in its progress from ignorance towards knowledge should tell us the mistakes into which it has sometimes wandered, as well as its steps in the right path. This is the goal of this website: to re-examine Gentile Chrisianity as to its earliest roots and determine if what is considered "Christian orthodoxy" today is a faithful representation of the earliest understading of God by the Ancients since it is they who coined the religious concepts which we are told that we adhere to today in the primarily Christian Western Hemisphere.

When Christians shall at length acknowledge that many of their Religions doctrines, which together now make up this Christian orthodoxy, or the religion of the majority, as distinguised from the simple religion which Jesus/Yeshua taught and practiced; when they shall acknowledge that many of them are so many sad and lamentable errors; then, and not till then, will they seek to know their origin, and enquire from which of the several branches of Paganism they sprung. They will then see that most of the so-called Christian doctrines, that have no place in the New Testament, reached Europe from Egypt, through Alexandria. To elaborate a little more fully and in summary fashion: when allegory, metaphor, simile, and myth which expressed both the identity and actions of the Creator as understood by the Ancients in grasping for understanding of God and His workings in the Cosmos, was altered and stripped of its symbolism and rendered for all time as if "literal," then not only is Divine Truth lost forever but it plunges its recipients into abject idolatry. Such is the plight of the primarily Christian Western Hemisphere as these allegories and metaphors that once expressed Divine Truth were altered by Rome and "literalized" and applied to men's lives; in this case Jesus.

All nations borrow from others; at least, from those who are before them in the race of civilization. They borrow from each of their neighbors in those branches of knowledge in which they think they can do so wisely, and what they have taken often shows itself in the language. I can remember my amazement when I discovered that the Hebrew word "Yahweh" finds its origin in Egypt; taken from one of the names for the sons of Putah (one of the many Names given the Creator). This is only the beginning of knowledge and what you can learn if your studies progress far and deep enought to look at Egypt as the source for Judaism and Christiaity. Sadly much of the beauty of this first Divine Revelation given to mankind through Egypt by the Creator is altered almost beyond recognition by Alexandrian Essenes and later Rome as we find in the Christain faith today which is but at best a blurred photograph of the earliest understanding of God on this planet by those who knew Him best. The aim of Bet Emet Ministries and our websites is to show the extraordinary readiness with which these earliest religious beliefs and understanding of God were copied by neighboring nations and then altered, particularly by the Greeks and Romans. In matters of religion, the more ignorant part of those two nations bowed in reverence to the greater earnestness and seriousness of the Egyptians, who were at the same time so remarbably rich in understanding of the Divine and His message to them as seen in operation of His Divine Law in Heaven above, Divine Law operating in Nature all around, and these same Divine Laws operating in their own bodies as well. Egypt understood these Laws of the Divine as the recurrent message of the God of all creation speaking Order to them through Law and understood their responsibility to manifest that order in their lives since being created in the image of the only God they could see who operated these same Laws in their own species.

Pagan Greece received from Egypt all that part of its religion which related to a future state of rewards and punishments, yet Chrisian Rome, from which our religious belief systems were chiefly learned in this Western Hemisphere, would take and alter almost beyond recognition the simple Divine message of the Creator given orignally to Egypt; allegory and metaphor became "literal" and coupled with that was an exclusive religious belief system imposed by Rome upon all promised damnation if one failed to accept Roman Orthodoxy.

The children of Egypt, the Jewish people and nation, have protected and safeguared this same Divine message in the absence of their Egyptian parents since their destruction and Hellinization by Alexander the Great, but Rome in conquering Greece and owing to their own Sun Worship only further removed us understanding this earliest message of the Divine entrusted to Egypt. Egypt today gets a bad rap by those who misunderstand its religion and many lacking such knowlege interpret Egyptian faith as idolatrous Sun Worship in its own right. Nothing could be further from the truth once you look into it for yourself and remember that allegory, myth, simile, and metaphor was only used to communicate these Divine Truths and NEVER was it to be understood in a "literal" sense.

Almost all Egyptologists interpreted, and continue to interpret, the ancient Egyptian writings and other modes of expression (art, architecture, ...etc.) without trying to understand the thoughts and beliefs expressed in them. Their explanations continue to be shallow, which reflects their pre-conceived notions of the ancient Egyptians, as being primitive and inferior to the modern western world.

However, the Greek historian Herodotus (500 B.C.) stated:

Of all the nations of the world, the Egyptians are the happiest, healthiest and most religious.

His statement reflects the excellent conditions of people who didn't just theorize about metaphysics, but who practiced it to the fullest. Ancient Egyptians had a very sophisticated understanding of metaphysics and the laws which govern man and his universe.

The Egyptian thinking was simple, coherent, consistent, logical, analytical and rational. Their main premise that one is all, and all is one, reflects their total cosmic consciousness, which Herodotus called most religious. Egyptians did not have a word for religion in their language. For them, there was no perceived difference between sacred and mundane. They understood that man is a model of the universe. If man understands himself perfectly, he also understands the universe: astronomy, astrology, geography, rhythm, proportion, mathematics, magic, medicine, anatomy, art - all are linked in a grand dynamic scheme. No aspect can be isolated from another and treated as a separate specialty or field without distortion and destruction. You should find it rather interesting that this concept is embodied within Biblical Judaism but not Christianity.

Our societies which deal with the different aspects of life, separately, are on the wrong track of thinking. We are always in awe of the mastery of the ancient Egyptians. In many ways, we feel that we are catching up to their achievements, in science, medicine, astronomy, etc. When Kepler discovered his planetary laws he boasted in print, that he had rediscovered the lost laws of Egypt.

It is our hope in presenting this new website, and most likely our last, we arrive at the culmination of twenty years of study. All roads lead to Egypt as you will see and it this is an exciting time of "rediscovery" of long lost Divine Truth that helps us in our understanding of Whom God is and What His message originally was to this Planet. The Egptian race has ceased to be a leading nation and its history has been neglected, and its very essencs forgotten or misunderstood at best. Yet the Egptian mind still has a most important influence upon our modern civilization and we fail to understand or recognize it. The shadow of Egyptian truth can be found today in Biblical and Rabbinical Judaism and to a lesser extent in Christianity and this will become very apparent if you study this website and the knowledge that it contains.

In prepartion for what will follow I would like to say that a quest into the fountainhead of modern man's religious beliefs and practices inevitably leads back BEFORE the path of the Judaic-Christian heritage and the Greek classic tradition, to the very dawn of civilization. Myths, symbols, and ideas cherished as our own in this primarily Christian nation will be found to have been fashioned many thousands of years ago by cultures sometimes labeled as primitive, crude, heathen or even pagan by Roman Christianity. I will let you decide once you see such evidence if such labels are correct. Ancient Egypt, often called the cradle of manind, represents a terminal point in this search for the origin of modern concepts. This ancient civilization, perhaps more than any other, can supply us with the clues to as understanding of many of the beiefs which have found their way into modern times. Much like the ageless pyramids, ancient Egptian thought has withstood the assault of the ages and, merged with elements of other cultures, becomes absorbed by the mainstream of Western thought.

For the Christian more than the Jew, who is closer to this original thought and understanding of the Divine and God, this can be the most important study of one's life. The Egptians, the parents of the Judaic-Christian faiths, were essentially a religious people. Their religion was composed of elements uniquely Egyptian, and those it shared with others ancient religions. But amazingly, ancient Egypt was familiar with such relatively modern concepts as the Big Bang, Immortality of the Soul, the Last Judgment, Messiah, Ressurection of the Dead, Hades, Heaven, the Unity of God, Prayer, Sacrifices, Logos, Millennium, Sabbath, Circumcision, Immersion, and the Supper with God. These religious concepts have been tragically altered down through history from their original meanings as understood by those who first received them from God and left such teaching for mankind throughout history in their writings. It would do us good to understand these religious concepts that the ancients received from God and compare them to the meanings of these same things and dogmas we as Christains and followers of Jesus have inherited down through time with the suceeding conqering nations culminating with Rome to see if these dogmas contain the same ideas of their founders or if they differ appreciably and ask ourselves: "If so, then why?" This is for you to decide upon examining the evidence if we as Christians and followers of the "Christ" are really following in the concpets of God as the Ancients knew him and recorded His works or if we are following the agendas of men who various reasons departed from these earliest understandings of God.

It is my hope to not over complicate this for our readers as I try to construct the ancient past. I will endeavor to present this information in an unbiased manner as possible as we draw together on the facts concerning the ancient Egpytian religion. I will point to the parallels between ancient Egyptian beliefs on the one hand, and the Christian, Hebrew, Buddhist, and Islamic thoughts on the other. By relating ancient Egyptian civilization to modern Western thought, I hope to supply important keys to the reader to help in his understanding of our modern times and its the proper application of these Divine principles to our lives today outside of the Roman brainswashing and the forgery of religious documents from them that go almost unnoticed today except for the Scholar. Blessings. Craig Lyons M.Div.


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